Partial Hospitalization Program

What is the Partial Hospitalization Program?


This daytime program is for adolescents and pre-adolescents with severe emotional disorders. This program includes a comprehensive educational component within the school year, daily psychiatric monitoring, and intensive therapy in both group and individual settings.

The Partial Hospitalization Program is designed for children and adolescents ages nine through eighteen.

The program is conducted 5 days per week, with consumers attending seven hours each day. Treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary treatment team, while educational services are contracted through the city’s independent school system.

Admission criteria for the program consist of a minimum IQ requirement of 70 and presence of a primary psychiatric diagnosis. The diagnosis may be related to behavioral/emotional problems, mood disorders, or a combination of diagnoses. All potential admissions are screened for appropriateness and must be able to benefit from intensive treatment in a highly structured setting. Individuals in need of 24 hour supervision are not considered appropriate for the program’s level of care.

Discharge planning begins at the time of admission to the Partial Hospitalization Program. All treatment is based on an individualized plan and incorporates individual, group and family therapy.

Families are considered an integral part of the treatment process and are required to attend periodic meetings with treatment staff. The program utilizes a tiered system to measure progress thus enabling consumers to evaluate their progression through treatment as well as giving clients the opportunity to garner increased privileges and responsibilities.

Aftercare planning is considered essential to maintain progress toward reaching treatment goals. All available resources are considered when formulating aftercare plans with careful coordination of services deemed a high priority.

*the program is made up of a multidisciplinary treatment team that consists of a psychiatrist, therapists, a case manager, a psychiatric nurse, and clinical associates.

Is the Program Right for You?

Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Partial Hospitalization Program is not for everyone. There may be other, less intense programs offered through our Center for Specialized Children’s Services that may be a better fit for the child. Further, there are more restrictive programs, such as full hospitalization, offered by third-party providers that may be necessary for the child to get the level of care they need. The decision to enroll in the program is one that will be based on our pre-admission screening and on your wishes. Treatment is most successful when the client is in agreement and believes the treatment options chosen are in their best interest. We encourage you to talk with your physician or other healthcare providers such as counselors or therapists, as well as schedule a time with Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Center for Specialized Children’s Services to discuss Partial Hospitalization as an option for care.